Cantar accessories

CantarX3 battery 14.4V 49Wh 3.4Ah
New Aaton battery for the CantarX3 and future products.It is an intelligent battery with datas readable by Aaton's products.The electronic ID customization allows advanced functionalities which will...
Ref. 0429030
Weight 240 g
CantarX3 modular bag
Our new bag for the CantarX3 is a modular advanced design to offer versatility without weight. It includes: 1 back padded structure1 front part with 2 3/8-16 screws1 front pouch for 4 to 8 wireless...
Ref. 2330000
Weight 0 g
Sound Mixer Poncho
This new high quality sound mixer poncho offer a wide vinyle window on the front and protects the operator from the rain.
Ref. RainPoncho
Weight 0 g
Screen Protection for CantarX3 after S/N 244 and CantarMini
To avoid Panel damages by scratches from external contact High light transparency with 2 antireflection coating and one antifingerprint layer on the external side. Stable color under outdoor...
Ref. 2328010
Weight 48 g
CantarX3 & Cantarem2 magnetic pad with soft top - original violet color
The new generation of slider's pad with a soft top. Compatible with CantarX3 and Cantarem2.
Ref. 2324002
Weight 0 g
With cameras reducing in size and portable systems becoming more and more compact, Transvideo has created a small 5” HD OLED monitor, about the size of a smartphone and weighting only 190 Grams (0....
Ref. 917TS0119
Weight 0 g