Cantar-X3 : Software Release V1.113 is available.

New in Version 1.113 


  • Track name auto completion, a tool tip list displays the suggestions.

 From editing metadata screen, press F2 to open completion management (edit, delete, ON/OFF).

  • Into edit fields, the cursor goes to the next/previous field with Left and Right key :
 While being on the first / last character of a field double press on Left / Right
or hold the Left/Right key pressed to go to the chosen field.
  • All Cantar settings can be saved and restored using save/load settings into technical menu.At restore step, Cantar user can select between all, Ingrid, Outmap ....
  • Low power is available in stop position. 
The duration before starting the low power management mode can be adjusted into technical settings.
The screen turns off anf Key buttons F4-F5-F6 starts flashing. 
To turn the screen on , change the main selector position.
  •  Cantarem II Function Button assignment

Press Cantarem II Left Shift and Right Shift and a function key (e.g C1) to display Assignment Panel
Press Left-Right (or C1 to C4) Keys to select Cantarem II Function Button
Press Up/Down keys to choose the action emulated (F1 to F6 ; Talk 1 & 2)
Press Ok to validate

  •  In PPR position, on "delete last take", a confirmation is now requested before moving the last take to the trash.
  •  In BROWSER position on delete take, you can clean the other media(s) at the same time.
  • During restore from audio trash, the files are moved when the target drive matches with the audio trash drive.

The files are copied when the target drive differs from the audio trash drive.

  • A management of USB port overcurent is now available from interface (overcurent notification and reset).


See more at Cantar X3 online support
Authentication required
New : You can customize your cantar X3 with the new High and Low knob pot now available in 13 colors