Cantar-X3 : Software Release V1.103 is available.

New in version 1.103

  • The compatibility with the 12 faders Cantarem2 is supported. The sliders assignation for the Cantarem 2 is availabe 
    holding "Shift" + "Solo Cantarem 2"
  • The Phase correlator based on tracks is available during playback.
  • A continuous play mode is possible in playback (the player jumps to the next file at the end of the play).
    It can be activated pressing "Shfit"+"ok" while in play screen.
  • from the InGrid menu, the internal mixdown (Xl Xr) can be combined with an external intput. 
    This function is useful for people using an external mixing table.
  • InGrid and Headphone Outmaps modifications are enabled from PPR,TEST screens 
    (press F1 for Ingrid, F2 for Headphone)
  • Possibility of arming or disarming tracks from the InGrid view by pressing [Shift + F3] with the cursor on the desired track.
  • Possibility of modifying the track Level of non assigned tracks (no fader to trim) from the InGrid view.
    (Hold the Shift button while rotating the Jog wheel)
  • In solo, with gangabled mics or lines, master level and lock are displayed.
  • The circle takes are labeled in pdf (identical to Majax).
  • The circle takes column is added in CSV file.

Bug fixes

  • The Ms mic color is not displayed in solo screen.
  • Unwanted space characters are introduced during the scene/take field edition.
  • The Headphone adjustment is not working in a solo mic dialog box.
  • Circle field is modified during take type metadata edit.
  •  The main selector management has been modified.
  • The timecode behavior is improved if several System time initialisations are requested.


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