Extension of CantarX3 V3 options special offer

Due to the global situation, we will prolongate the CantarX3 V3 options special value pack offer.

Get the 3 options with a special introduction limited time value pack(*) 945€ 1145€

Individual prices
AatonMix, €547.00
Auxiliary Mix Buses, +€299.00
Dante+, €299.00
If your CantarX3 is not equipped with a Dante card please contact us.

Time limited free demo evaluation licences are available. Please contact us.

(*) Terms and conditions
Special introduction limited time value pack, valid on aaton.com only.
Demo licenses acquisition does not prolongate the promotional offer.
CantarX3 V3 options are available from firmware 3.200.C6

Cantar V3 options - AatonMix, Dante+ and Auxiliary Mix Buses

CantarX3 Firmware 3.200.C6 is available for download on our website
It is a major FREE release that extends possibilities for all CantarX3 users.
It is compatible with the new options : AatonMix, Dante+ and Auxiliary Mix Buses.