CantarX3 & Cantarem2 magnetic pad with soft top - original violet color
The new generation of slider's pad with a soft top. Compatible with CantarX3 and Cantarem2.
Ref. 2324002
Weight 0 g
Kit of 13 A-Box trim knob coloured plug Kit of 13 A-Box trim knob coloured plug
Clip-onFor Cantaress and A-box.
Ref. 2440025
Weight 100 g
Screen Protection for CantarX3 after S/N 244 and CantarMini
To avoid Panel damages by scratches from external contact High light transparency with 2 antireflection coating and one antifingerprint layer on the external side. Stable color under outdoor exposure...
Ref. 2328010
Weight 48 g
Metal D-Ring Strap AATON Metal D-Ring Strap
Set of 2
Ref. 2330057-SET
Weight 0 g
Aaton-extension-straps Extension strap
Set of 3
Ref. 2330013-SET
Weight 0 g
TA3-F to XLR3F audio cable Aaton Digital TA3-F to XLR3F high quality balanced audio cable €50.00
Ref. 6327690
Weight 100 g


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